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St. Nicholas Church Of Ireland

St Colman's Church of Ireland

Holy Trinity Church of Ireland

First Carrickfergus Presbyterian Church (North St)

Joymount Presbyterian Church

Woodlands Presbyterian Church

Woodburn Presbyterian Church

Carrickfergus Baptist Church

Carrickfergus Congregational Church (bebo page)

Carrickfergus Elim Church

Christchurch Carrickfergus

Gateway Church

Carrickfergus - other organisations

Carrickfergus Borough Church Forum

World Development

Christian Aid (GB)

Christian Aid (Ireland)


The Media

BBC Northern Ireland (of course)

The Belfast Telegraph


The Land of Prophecy and Vision

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Touring and teaching in Israel with Hanna Ben-Haim

For those who enjoyed Hanna Ben-Haim’s visit with us in July 2010 you will be pleased to know The Land of Prophecy and Vision DVDs are now available. It is a tour of biblical sites in Israel with Hanna, a Messianic Believer and official Israeli tour guide, doing the guiding and teaching. The filming and additional edited material was done by Jan Karnis. There are 8 DVDs comprising 12 hours of teaching suitable for church Bible study, house groups, or personal study. It was filmed “live” which gives a feeling that you are part of the tour. For further information and an opportunity to see a short segment of Hanna’s teaching visit The Land of Prophecy and Vision website www.lpv-teaching.com.

The Christian Enquiry Agency

Samaritans Purse

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