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As part of our ongoing Community Outreach Ministry we have set up a foodbank.

The percentage of households in the UK who fall below society's minimum standard of living has increased from 14% to 33% over the last 30 years. Other key figures reveal that almost 18m people cannot afford adequate housing conditions, 12m people are too poor to engage in common social activities, one in three people cannot afford to heat their homes adequately in the winter and 4m children and adults aren't properly fed by today's standards (Poverty and Social Exclusion, 2014).

Donated food will be delivered to those most in need in our community by statutory agencies e.g. Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

We are seeking donations of the following, which can be left in the boxes in the foyer at any time:

Tinned Foods: Tuna, ham, beans, peas, carrots, soup, custard, rice pudding, tomatoes;

Bottles and Jars: Diluting juice, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, brown sauce, jam, chocolate spread, pasta sauce, sweet & sour sauce, curry sauce;

Others: Lentils, soup mix, pasta, rice, stock cubes, cereal, tea bags, coffee, biscuits, sugar, coffee, cling film, tin foil, kitchen roll, toilet roll, washing powder, fabric softener, washing up liquid, toiletries.

Many thanks for your ongoing support. 


Are you feeling lonely - or isolated?

Why not join us for tea/coffee and a chat at The Methodist Church (Minor Hall), Carrickfergus, any Thursday between 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm?

Let's explore together which activities you feel would benefit you and provide an enjoyable and relaxing few hours on a Thursday afternoon.

Transport provided if necessary.

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