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Process for Electronic Applications


On the 1st April 2015 Access NI introduced electronic applications and they are now encouraging everyone to process their checks this way.

NOTE: Paper applications will no longer be accepted.

There are a couple of reasons for this:


The new process operates as follows:


1.   The Designated Person (or whoever looks after applications at present) will give each person requiring a vetting check the form called “PIN Notification and ID Validation” form;

2.   The applicant will follow the instructions on the form, registering with NI Direct and filling in the application form online;

3.   If the applicant has no internet access, this process can be carried out by a family member or friend. ONLY in the event of no other means should a Designated Person process this for an applicant;

4.   The applicant at the end of the process will be provided with a 10-digit number, which must be filled out on the “PIN Notification and ID Validation” form;

5.   The applicant will return the “PIN Notification and ID Validation” form to the Designated Person. At this point their ID will need to be validated using the list of forms on the back, so they will need to bring ID with the form;

6.   The “PIN Notification and ID Validation” form then needs to be sent to IMYCD.

7.   Upon receiving the “PIN Notification and ID Validation” form IMYCD will check that all is correct and then forward the application to Access NI;

8.   When the vetting check has been completed a certificate will be issued to the applicant;

9.   IMYCD will then advise the Designated Person by email.



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