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Who's Who

No organisation can operate well without a few good people to keep it going. We're pretty fortunate in that we have several, but space doesn't permit us to list them all. Here are a few (starting with the top man himself!):-


Current Minister: Rev Dr David Clements

Previously the minister in Edenderry Methodist, Portadown, having also served in  Woodvale, Cairnshill and Dungannon, following a short spell as a lay evangelist in Enniskillen. Prior to that David worked in the medical field as a doctor. The family have already a connection with Carrickfergus in the Rev. Sam Clements who is David’s uncle. David and his wife Nikki have four children, Sarah (22), Ruth (19), Hannah in year 13 and Josh in year 10.

Image: Rev. Sam Clements & Rev. Derek Russell - two of our "retired" ministers

Retired Ministers: Sam Clements (does a mean stand-up comedy routine), and Derek Russell (Ireland's answer to Mario Lanza, but slightly shorter). Mind you, retired in the Methodist sense doesn't really mean retired; Derek has been working on the Ballyclare circuit (Ballyclare/Ballynure/Doagh) for quite some time now (since "retirement"), and Sam also covers quite a bit of ground as he fills in for other ministers for various reasons. We really are very fortunate in having such a high calibre of ministers amongst our congregation.

Image: Robert Craig - our 'new' Society Steward

Society Steward:

This post is filled by one of our stalwart members, Robert Craig, whose main claim to fame is that he is Glentoran's most loyal supporter (Some would say Glentoran's only supporter. For the uninitiated, Glentoran is a football team - well, Robert thinks it is anyway). Seriously, Robert plays a part in many aspects of our church's life, and as well as being Society Steward, he is well known for being a Junior BB Officer, a House Group leader, member of the Church Council, and also does a great job in doing the announcement duties at the front of the church.

I eventually managed to get a proper photograph of him (that even passed muster with his wife - well, actually, she picked a couple out for me, since the one we had up at first was not exactly front cover of Vogue). (Oh, and I've just remembered - he's also well known for his comedic timing - just ask him about 'four candles')

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